Neues Sehen/New Vision


(based on NEUES SEHEN by Lazlo Moholy Nagy)



Instruments of design with light are structure and texture according to the Bauhaus philosophy. The reworking of my photographs and mix arts using digital instruments that influences the design with light.

Thus, there is a second design process with the choice of motif and the (partly spontaneous) triggering of the photograph, in order to already incorporate the Bauhaus principles into the "raw material". So, I design with light twice. During the creation of the photograph and during the post-processing of the photograph. Both processes have the same significance. This in turn corresponds to the Bauhaus Manifesto of 1922 "production - reproduction" (published in July 1922 in the magazine "de stijl").


The origin of photography by means of the choice of motif and the triggering of the photograph itself, is based on the fact, that the "certain detail" or the later free artistic processing of the photograph in the post-processing, is already "precautionary".

The choice of motif as well as the processing, i.e. the lighting design itself, is creatively carried out purely "by hand" by means of distortions, tone contrasts, shadow effects and color exaggerations. Thus, this form of lighting design quotes the Bauhaus pedagogical principle, namely the combination of craftsmanship and art.


Our environment is already perceived as "designed". So, there is a real-designed one to which the "second, post-design level" is now added. With this, my artistic photography and mixed arts has grown into an extended phase of "new vision", which now allows the development of further photographic experiments at the Bauhaus. All this resukts in the combination of photography and constructivist or actionist painting.

Two different worlds are thus created. The already perceived creative world and the post-design world of "new vision".


May 2020