Born 1960 in Germany.

Trained designer for media and communication based on Bauhaus pedagogical foundations at the Technical School of Design in Wuppertal, Germany (1981-1984).

Mentors: Kah Jagals (Photographie) and Prof. Iro Sohn (Abstract Painting).

Focus: Experimental Photography. Abstract Painting. Influenced by the Bauhaus and the “Duesseldorfer Schule”.

Work: Since 1990 focused on the Philosophy of

"Neues Sehen" based on the Bauhaus School of patterns, constructions and shapes.

I live and work in Reutlingen/Germany, near Stuttgart.

Events/Exhibitions: Vienna, Berlin, Luxembourg Art Price 2020 and 2021, Art Box Zurich 2020, ND Awards 2020 Honorable Mention, Art Metzingen 2021, Art Box Zurich 2021.